League Details:  Spring Coed Rec Tues

Dates: 04/06/21 - 04/20/21

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
7Big B's Brew CrewBlue600 1.001 0.00Chelsea Williams
1Even Worse News Bear
510 0.832 0.00Jillian Shafe
9Mathis Drug - C
510 0.833 0.00Kendra Gordon
8Dirty Birds
420 0.674 0.00Anthony Scholes
3Bottoms Up
330 0.505 0.00Toby Book
11The Pitt
330 0.506 0.00Blaise Main
4Foul Play
330 0.507 0.00Robert Scribner
2Onyx Flames
330 0.508 0.00Amy Larson
10Off In The Dark
240 0.339 0.00Sherry Wilson
5See You Next Tuesday
150 0.1710 0.00Shalona Smith
6Taco Tuesday
150 0.1711 0.00Marcus Eaton
12Busch Leagers
060 0.0012 0.00Shannon Mcclintock


League Schedule For:  Spring Coed Rec Tues

DateTimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
04/06/20216:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompTaco Tuesday22Onyx Flames12
04/06/20216:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompSee You Next Tuesday10Dirty Birds25
04/06/20216:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompOff In The Dark3Bottoms Up21
04/06/20217:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompOnyx Flames4Off In The Dark15
04/06/20217:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompSee You Next Tuesday25Taco Tuesday13
04/06/20217:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompBottoms Up14Dirty Birds28
04/06/20218:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompFoul Play4Mathis Drug - C19
04/06/20218:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompThe Pitt11Even Worse News Bear20
04/06/20218:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompBig B's Brew Crew18Busch Leagers1
04/06/20219:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompFoul Play20Big B's Brew Crew21
04/06/20219:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompEven Worse News Bear13Busch Leagers12
04/06/20219:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompThe Pitt8Mathis Drug - C24
04/13/20216:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompMathis Drug - C12Bottoms Up11
04/13/20216:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompDirty Birds1Big B's Brew Crew15
04/13/20216:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompBusch Leagers4Foul Play16
04/13/20217:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompBottoms Up16Foul Play13
04/13/20217:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompMathis Drug - C17Big B's Brew Crew18
04/13/20217:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompDirty Birds7Busch Leagers6
04/13/20218:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompEven Worse News Bear17Onyx Flames7
04/13/20218:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompThe Pitt19See You Next Tuesday12
04/13/20218:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompTaco Tuesday4Off In The Dark16
04/13/20219:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompOnyx Flames10Off In The Dark9
04/13/20219:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompEven Worse News Bear20See You Next Tuesday13
04/13/20219:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompTaco Tuesday4The Pitt24
04/20/20216:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompBottoms Up19Even Worse News Bear25
04/20/20216:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompOff In The Dark11Foul Play23
04/20/20216:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompBig B's Brew Crew25The Pitt12
04/20/20217:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompBusch Leagers2Bottoms Up22
04/20/20217:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompBig B's Brew Crew14Even Worse News Bear13
04/20/20217:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompOff In The Dark5The Pitt25
04/20/20218:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompFoul Play22See You Next Tuesday2
04/20/20218:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompOnyx Flames15Taco Tuesday3
04/20/20218:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompMathis Drug - C15Dirty Birds6
04/20/20219:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompBusch Leagers7Mathis Drug - C19
04/20/20219:15PConner BF@Don Gutteridge CompSee You Next Tuesday16Onyx Flames31
04/20/20219:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompDirty Birds28Taco Tuesday4
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