League Details:  Fall Coed Tues. REC

Dates: 09/25/18 - 10/23/18

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
000 0.000 0.00Ricky Wiggans
2Scared Hitless
000 0.000 0.00Mike Vankirk
3Average Joes
000 0.000 0.00Stephanie Morton
4Off In The Dark
000 0.000 0.00Sherry Wilson
5Mathis Drug - C
000 0.000 0.00Kendra Gordon
6SBJ - C
000 0.000 0.00Joe Franklin
7Pairott Head Liquor - C
000 0.000 0.00Adam Spatafora


League Schedule For:  Fall Coed Tues. REC

DateTimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
09/25/20186:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompAverage Joes0SBJ - C0
09/25/20186:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompScared Hitless0Pairott Head Liquor - C0
09/25/20187:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompOff In The Dark0Mathis Drug - C0
09/25/20187:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompPairott Head Liquor - C0Misfits0
09/25/20188:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompScared Hitless0Mathis Drug - C0
09/25/20188:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompAverage Joes0Off In The Dark0
10/02/20186:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompMathis Drug - C0Misfits0
10/02/20186:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompPairott Head Liquor - C0Average Joes0
10/02/20187:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompMisfits0SBJ - C0
10/02/20187:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompPairott Head Liquor - C0Mathis Drug - C0
10/02/20188:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompScared Hitless0Average Joes0
10/02/20188:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompSBJ - C0Off In The Dark0
10/09/20186:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompAverage Joes0Misfits0
10/09/20186:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompOff In The Dark0Scared Hitless0
10/09/20187:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompScared Hitless0SBJ - C0
10/09/20187:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompMisfits0Off In The Dark0
10/09/20188:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompSBJ - C0Pairott Head Liquor - C0
10/09/20188:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompAverage Joes0Mathis Drug - C0
10/16/20186:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompOff In The Dark0Pairott Head Liquor - C0
10/16/20186:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompMathis Drug - C0SBJ - C0
10/16/20187:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompPairott Head Liquor - C0Scared Hitless0
10/16/20187:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompSBJ - C0Average Joes0
10/16/20188:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompMisfits0Scared Hitless0
10/23/20186:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompMathis Drug - C0Off In The Dark0
10/23/20186:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompSBJ - C0Misfits0
10/23/20187:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompOff In The Dark0Average Joes0
10/23/20187:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompMathis Drug - C0Scared Hitless0
10/23/20188:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompMisfits0Pairott Head Liquor - C0
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