League Details:  FALL 12U BASEBALL

Dates: 09/16/18 - 10/14/18

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
6Diamond Thieves
000 0.000 0.00Jeffrey Snyder
7SW Sting
000 0.000 0.00RJ Forth
4Midwest Athletes
600 1.001 0.00Matt Ketterman
3Hit and Run
510 0.832 0.00Mike Snow
2Pittsburg Cadets
240 0.333 0.00Jared Turnbull
240 0.334 0.00Mike Maxwell
5Pittsburg Fall Ball
060 0.005 0.00Jesse & Trevor Stover


League Schedule For:  FALL 12U BASEBALL

DateTimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
09/16/201812:00PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompPittsburg Cadets2Hit and Run10
09/16/201812:00PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompMPIX3Midwest Athletes13
09/16/20181:45PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompPittsburg Fall Ball0Hit and Run12
09/16/20181:45PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompMPIX10Pittsburg Cadets7
09/16/20183:30PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompMidwest Athletes12Pittsburg Fall Ball0
09/23/201812:00PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompPittsburg Fall Ball1Pittsburg Cadets10
09/23/201812:00PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompMidwest Athletes9Hit and Run4
09/23/20181:45PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompMPIX7Pittsburg Fall Ball6
09/23/20181:45PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompPittsburg Cadets3Midwest Athletes13
09/23/20183:30PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompMPIX0Hit and Run5
09/30/201812:00PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompMidwest Athletes10MPIX1
09/30/201812:00PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompHit and Run15Pittsburg Fall Ball0
09/30/20181:45PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompPittsburg Cadets13MPIX1
09/30/20181:45PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompPittsburg Fall Ball0Midwest Athletes12
09/30/20183:30PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompHit and Run8Pittsburg Cadets0
10/07/201812:00PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompPittsburg Cadets0Pittsburg Fall Ball0
10/07/201812:00PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompHit and Run0Midwest Athletes0
10/07/20181:45PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompMidwest Athletes0Diamond Thieves0
10/07/20181:45PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompMPIX0Hit and Run0
10/07/20183:30PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompMPIX0Pittsburg Fall Ball0
10/07/20183:30PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompPittsburg Cadets0Diamond Thieves0
10/14/201812:00PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompPittsburg Fall Ball0Diamond Thieves0
10/14/201812:00PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompMPIX0Pittsburg Cadets0
10/14/20181:45PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompPittsburg Fall Ball0Pittsburg Cadets0
10/14/20181:45PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompHit and Run0Midwest Athletes0
10/14/20183:30PBerry BF@Don Gutteridge CompMPIX0Diamond Thieves0
10/14/20183:30PRussell BF@Don Gutteridge CompHit and Run0Midwest Athletes0
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