League Details:  Late Summer Mon Womens

Dates: 08/06/18 - 08/27/18

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
4Silent Assassins
710 0.881 0.00City Of Pittsburg
1Smooth Operators
530 0.632 0.00City of Pittsburg
2Wrecking Crew
260 0.253 0.00City of Pittsburg
3One Hit Wonders
260 0.254 0.00City of Pittsburg


League Schedule For:  Late Summer Mon Womens

DateTimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
08/06/20187:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompSmooth Operators0Wrecking Crew17
08/06/20187:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompOne Hit Wonders8Silent Assassins14
08/06/20188:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompOne Hit Wonders12Smooth Operators20
08/06/20188:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompSilent Assassins25Wrecking Crew24
08/13/20187:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompWrecking Crew7One Hit Wonders8
08/13/20187:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompSmooth Operators21Silent Assassins13
08/13/20188:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompWrecking Crew10Smooth Operators30
08/13/20188:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompSilent Assassins16One Hit Wonders13
08/20/20187:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompSmooth Operators18One Hit Wonders3
08/20/20187:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompWrecking Crew7Silent Assassins16
08/20/20188:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompOne Hit Wonders4Wrecking Crew14
08/20/20188:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompSilent Assassins8Smooth Operators7
08/27/20187:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompWrecking Crew10Smooth Operators21
08/27/20187:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompOne Hit Wonders14Silent Assassins22
08/27/20188:15PBunk BF@Don Gutteridge CompSmooth Operators15One Hit Wonders18
08/27/20188:15PKelly BF@Don Gutteridge CompSilent Assassins14Wrecking Crew13
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